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Huffington Post, Best Books of September, 2017: “Frank Marcopolos delivers drama and humor in a poignant story about a college baseball player looking for a way into the big league.”

Kirkus Indie: “A well-written, intriguing sports tale that explores the importance of home base.”

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BlueInk Review (Starred Review): https://www.blueinkreview.com/book-reviews/eagles-and-hawks-and-also-people-as-well/

IndieReader Review, excerpt (5-Star Review): “As bittersweet as growing up. I wholeheartedly recommend it.”

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The Whirligig Literary Magazine Interview:

This is a transcription of an audio file found on a discarded laptop outside the Harry Ransom Center Library of the University of Texas at Austin. The filename was TheWhirligigLitMagInterviewsMarcopolos.wav

[Screeching sounds, like folding chairs on a wood floor..]

The Whirligig Literary Magazine: Frank Marcopolos. Thanks for joining us.

Frank Marcopolos: Your pasta is boiling.

TWLM: What?

FM: The water on the stove. It’s boiling. Pasta’s in there.

TWLM: Oh yeah.

[Screeching and clumping noises, then silence lasting about 20 seconds]

Thanks for catching that.

FM: Have you ever really smelled a rose?

TWLM: Sure. Maybe. I don’t know. Why?

FM: Maybe I need to do a bit more of this rose-smelling. What are the epigenetical benefits, do you think?

TWLM: Appreciation of nice smells? Better smell-pallet, perhaps.

FM: Would you mind if I smoked in here?

TWLM: No, go right ahead! Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

FM: I don’t smoke, I just wanted to know if you’d mind if I did. Those two rat-traps over there need a cleaning. They’re gonna start to stink any minute now.

TWLM: God-dammit.

[Screeching and clumping noises, then silence lasting about 3 minutes.]

Thanks. That’s much better.

FM: Thank you for having me.

TWLM: What?

FM: You said thank you for joining us. I’m thanking you back, for having me in this palatial space here.

TWLM: Right. So, let’s get into it. EAGLES AND HAWKS AND ALSO PEOPLE AS WELL is an interesting, and rather long, title. How did you come up with that?

FM: I wanted something that resonated thematically, of course. But I also wanted something unique. For my last novel, ALMOST HOME, I unwittingly gave it a title that’s been used about a million times before. So I wanted to avoid that this time.

TWLM: Ah. And as an independent author, you’re in charge of everything, correct?

FM: Everything. Which is good and bad, obviously.

TWLM: But you can’t possibly do all of the tasks yourself? Unless you’re some kind of Nietzschian uber-mensch or something.

FM: Oh, no. I have a small army of freelancers that I hire for various things, who are all super-talented at what they do.

TWLM: Do you use all the same ones every time you have a new project?

FM: For the most part, yeah. When someone does great work, I always want to work with them again, if at all possible. That wall there is a striking shade of purple.

TWLM: Thank you. Now, this book involves some characters we’ve seen before, Enzo and Shannon and Barry and them. Is this is a continuation from ALMOST HOME, or what?

FM: I’m glad you asked me that. Although this novel takes place in the same universe, so to speak, as ALMOST HOME, it is NOT a sequel to that one. Some of the events and timelines kind of line up, but it is not a sequel. Reading it that way would only lead to massive headaches.

TWLM: Good to know. I’m feeling a little light-headed right now. Would you mind performing electro-shock therapy on me?

FM: No problem.

[At this point, the tape cuts off.]


Update: Several days after the laptop from which the above audio file was taken was found, a University of Texas at Austin student named Nigel Ianbruno found a digital recorder stuffed inside of a sidewalk crack filled with dirt and grass. He reported the finding to the proper authorities, after which it came into the possession of a certain person. When this certain person played the one audio file on the recorder, the same two voices as above could be heard. The certain person also transcribed this audio file, and that transcription is copied below.

TWLM: Thank you so much.

FM: De nada.

TWLM: I’m feeling so much better.

FM: These days, we have pretty advanced techniques if you know how to access them. It’s funny that in the supposed age of information, so many people are still in the darkest dark.

TWLM: So, let’s discuss thematic resonance.

FM: Do we have to?

TWLM: Yes, now, there are all sorts of things in this book–dead birds, balloons, bricks, celery hearts–and these can be seen as symbols or foreshadowing or examples of thematic resonance, correct?

FM: They most certainly can be seen that way, sure.

TWLM: And how do YOU see them?

FM: I don’t really think it’s too important how I see them. A novel, or any piece of art really, is open to interpretation by the consumer of the art. Everyone is free to make of it what they will.

TWLM: But what if they get it WRONG?

FM: I mean, as long as it’s textually supported. Like, if someone said the pink robots in this novel were so-and-so and meant such-and-such, well, that would be wrong because there are no pink robots in there, unfortunately. So as long as you can reasonably support your argument, it’s all good in the hood.

TWLM: Okay, well. Now, Kirkus Reviews has called the main character of this novel, Enzo Prinziatta, “complex.” What did you think of that?

FM: Well, when you’re in school or any kind of writers’ workshop, the teachers always tell you to try to write complex, or non-cutout sort of, characters. Meaning they have competing desires, internal conflicts, and that it might be hard to predict what they might do when they get in trouble. So, I tried to do that, and it’s gratifying that the person from Kirkus felt that way.

TWLM: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

FM: Go Jets?

TWLM: Frank Marcopolos, thank you for joining us.

FM: Thank you for not flaking.

TWLM: Cheers.


Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of EAGLES AND HAWKS… at the end of the podcasts…