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Saturday Show #133: Chapters 28-30 (Plus, Season 3 – Episode 8 of Twin Peaks: The Return)

In Saturday Show Literary Podcast #133, author and voice-over guy Frank Marcopolos discusses chapters 28 through 30 of his work-in-progress, a novel. Also discussed are podcasting with a proper microphone, Season 3-Episode 8 of TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN, Twin Peaks...

/ 1 July 2017

Saturday Show #129: Chapters 20 and 21 (Plus, Twin Peaks, Westworld, and Silicon Valley)

Saturday Show Literary Podcast #129, wherein author and voiceover guy Frank Marcopolos discusses the ongoing progress of writing and publishing his current work-in-progress, a novel. Also briefly discussed are the Twin Peaks re-boot, the amazing HBO series Westworld, and the...

/ 22 May 2017