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Hop-Frog by Edgar Allan Poe (Audiobook)

Haven’t posted much here lately (more podcasts coming soon, I promise), so I thought I would link to my latest audiobook performance, “Hop-Frog” by Poe. Critics say this story is Poe’s response to critics who he thought were being unjustly...

/ 13 August 2018

Saturday Show #152: Cato and Foyle (Chronicle One)

Saturday Show Literary Podcast #152, in which Frank Marcopolos presents the flash fiction story, “Cato and Foyle (Chronicle One).” Connect with Frank on the socials: http://twitter.com/frankmarcopolos http://instagram.com/frankzmarcopolos http://medium.com/@frankmarcopolos https://frankmarcopolos.com http://facebook.com/authorfrankmarcopolos http://patreon.com/frankmarcopolos http://youtube.com/brooklynfrank https://www.amazon.com/Frank-Marcopolos/e/B005DMQW8O

/ 3 December 2017

Saturday Show #148: Romance Audiobook Innovations

Saturday Show Literary Podcast #148, wherein author and voice-over artist Frank Marcopolos discusses the latest in audiobook news including the following: – Audible’s New Romance Audiobooks Service (via TechCrunch) – Blair Underwood Narrating Vampire Romance Novel (via Yahoo! Entertainment) –...

/ 4 November 2017

Thoughts on Being a Bug (Plus THE METAMORPHOSIS by Franz Kafka, Audiobooked)

It must be hard to be a bug. People wanting to step on you, no one finding you cute, and all that. I mean, kittens and puppies get all the human-love. Bugs don’t really get any, actually. Maybe fish, at...

/ 17 December 2016

{New YouTube Video} The Moment of Victory by O. Henry (Audiobook)

On this one, I went back and looked through my old files to see if I had recorded anything back in the day that I could re-create as a YouTube video. I try to keep in mind, though, that folks...

/ 15 October 2016

{New YouTube Video} The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe (Audiobook)

According to Wikipedia, “”The Fall of the House of Usher” is considered the best example of Poe’s “totality,” where every element and detail is related and relevant. The theme of the crumbling, haunted castle is a key feature of Horace...

/ 19 September 2016

{New YouTube Video} 2BR02B by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (Audiobook) |SHORT STORY

I have been posting more and more content on the YouTube channel, and here is one more example. This is one of two Kurt Vonnegut stories currently in the public domain, and so I recorded it last night and made...

/ 20 February 2016

RETAIL SAMPLE – Womyn Do: The Healing of JOHNNY R3BEL by Frank “Zeus” Marcopolos

This is the retail sample of a new ebook and audiobook entitled, “Womyn Do: The Healing of JOHNNY R3BEL” by Frank “Zeus” Marcopolos. The complete unabridged edition is available here: on Amazon.

/ 15 December 2015