Month: December 2019


Marcopocast #25: 1999 Vibes. An Audio Essay by Frank Marcopolos

We’re on the verge of the 2020’s and that got me thinking back to 1999, when everyone was talking about the millenium and being on the verge of something totally new, something out of a science fiction story or a...

/ 29 December 2019

Marcopocast #24: Interview with Sherry Thompson

On this episode of the podcast, Frank is interviewed by It’s Lit! News, which is a show that Frank invented. Fun! Buy Bookquarium Magazine – Volume 1 at the following places: Audiobook: Ebook: YouTube: Podcast:...

/ 21 December 2019

Creating a show just to be interviewed

I know, it’s rather pathetic. But I invented an interview show about literature just so my friend Sherry Thompson could interview me about literature. Here’s how it turned out!

/ 18 December 2019
Military Airplane

Marcopocast #23: In which Frank starts a literary magazine.

In this episode, Frank introduces a new literary mag, Bookquarium Magazine. Pre-sales for the magazine are here: Music was provided by the following under the following licensing agreements: “Warm Vacuum Tube” by Admiral Bob (c) copyright 2019 Licensed under...

/ 1 December 2019