Month: August 2018

Marcopocast #2: Uncle Abraham’s Romance by E. Nesbit (Performance, Commentary)

On this episode of Marcopocast, a performance of “Uncle Abraham’s Romance” by E. Nesbit, some commentary about the author and the story, and discussion about the direction of this podcast. Music provided by n_audioman, ShadyDave, joelu2001, and Setuniman via

/ 18 August 2018

Hop-Frog by Edgar Allan Poe (Audiobook)

Haven’t posted much here lately (more podcasts coming soon, I promise), so I thought I would link to my latest audiobook performance, “Hop-Frog” by Poe. Critics say this story is Poe’s response to critics who he thought were being unjustly...

/ 13 August 2018