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christian cross against red sky

Marcopocast #20: Performance of OLALLA by Robert Louis Stevenson

In this episode of the podcast, Frank discusses how you can help teachers fill their classrooms with needed supplies, and then he performs “Olalla” by Robert Louis Stevenson for over 2 hours. Fun! Robert Louis Stevenson (13 November 1850 – 3...

/ 2 September 2019
Hemingway and Others

Marcopocast #15: Hemingwaying

On episode #15 of Marcopocast, Frank goes all the Hemingway. Includes a reading of 10 Ernest Hemingway poems, a comparison of 3 openings of Hemingway short stories, and a complete reading of Hemingway’s “Out of Season.” The main portion of...

/ 22 May 2019

Marcopocast #1: Landing in Luck by William Faulkner (Audiobook Performance and Analysis)

Rebranded podcast! Formerly Saturday Show Literary Podcast, now Marcopocast! On the maiden voyage, an audiobook performance of “Landing in Luck” by William Faulkner, some literary analysis, and an update on what the heck Frank has been doing lately. Socials:

/ 6 May 2018