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Chippy Chipperino is a reporter for Yinzburgh Newz Daily, a wholly-owned subsidiary of KeepEasy Media. She is also the Supreme Executive Assistant for Charles de Baudilaire, more commonly known as CDB. In her spare time, she enjoys cosplay and smashing the patriarchy.

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Marcopocast #17: Reading Famous Poems… Live!

In this episode, Frank shares the audio from his recent live poetry reading on YouTube. Watch Friday Night Poetry Live, every Friday night at 8:00 pm EST: https://youtube.com/brooklynfrank Audiobooks narrated by Frank Marcopolos can be accessed through the following locations:...

/ 15 June 2019

Marcopocast #12: J.D. Salinger’s New Books

Frank discusses the “new” J.D. Salinger books. End song is “American Legion” by Zero Charisma. It is not commercially available. End poem is “fatigue” by Frank Marcopolos. It is not commercially available, but features the following artists: “Orbital Romance,” Copyright...

/ 1 January 2019