We’re getting reports now from concerned citizens of Poetsburgh, Pennsylvania that they were never made aware of the city’s new name. Mayor Bill Pedoodie has yet to release an official statement on the matter, but sources close to the mayor have told YINZBURGH NEWZ that quote – people should have known. We tweeted about it. Twice. Unquote.

Unfortunately, many in the Poetsburgh region that we spoke to don’t use Twitter, or any social media outlets for that matter. (They get their news from YINZBURGH NEWZ, of course.) Therefore, Pedoodie’s tweets went unheeded by many here.

I spoke with one lady who said, “What the hell?”

Another man said, “Nah, get outta here!”

This reporter was even forced to look it up on the Internet, and yup, even according to solid-source Wikipedia, “Pittsburgh” is now officially “Poetsburgh.”

YINZBURGH NEWZ is working furiously to confirm that the name change is the result of pressure on City Hall from a new resident by the name of Frank Marcopolos. Updates as they come!

Back to you, Freddie.


Posted by Chippy Chipperino

Chippy Chipperino is a reporter for Yinzburgh Newz Daily, a wholly-owned subsidiary of KeepEasy Media. She is also the Supreme Executive Assistant for Charles de Baudilaire, more commonly known as CDB. In her spare time, she enjoys cosplay and smashing the patriarchy.