Saturday Show Literary Podcast #150, in which author and voice-actor Frank Marcopolos covers the latest in audiobook news, including the following:

– Book Snobs Should Stop Reading Books and Start Listening to Them (Via Huffington Post/Australia)
– Speed Listening Trending As Audiobooks, Podcasts Increase in Popularity (Via WinkNews)
– “Murder on the Orient Express” May be a Dud Movie, But it’s a Fantastic Audiobook (Via the Washington Post)
– 17 Audiobooks that Will Transform Your Commute (Via Rakuten Kobo)
– Don Katz Dishes on Storytelling with “Invisible Man,” Ralph Ellison (Via Tech Crunch)
– Michael Sheen’s Solo Narration of Phillip Pullman’s New Novel is Better Than an Army of Voice Actors (Via Slate)

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Posted by Frank Marcopolos

Frank Marcopolos founded "The Whirligig" literary magazine in 1999, which has been called "a landmark, demonstrating the power of the literary underground." It has been said that "you get this true lion-roaring sense that Editor Frank Marcopolos knows what he likes, and how to read, and how to publish, and he has guts, and eats insects on Wheaties with bleach." His long-form fiction has been reviewed with such praise as "thorough-goingly entertaining" and "highly readable...recalls the style of Michael Chabon or John Irving. A literary gem that should not be missed." A broadcasting-school graduate, his unique literary-audio work has been featured in movie trailers, scholastic environments, and on YouTube, with one of his audiobooks achieving over 100,000 "views" there.