Saturday Show Literary Podcast #124, in which Frank Marcopolos–from the infamous jet black jet stream Jetta–discusses chapters 4 and 5 of his work-in-progress, a novel. If you’re a fan of “documenting the process,” this podcast just might be for you.

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You might want to buy this 39-story anthology because it has stories written by Khaled “Kite Runner” Hosseini, Jeff “Avery Cates” Somers, Ann “Girl Detectives” Sterzinger, Nick Mamatas, Asha Anderson, Jim Munroe, Emerson Dameron, Rydell Bixby, the urban hermitt, Karl Koweski, Patrick King, Frank Marcopolos, and others.

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Frank Marcopolos lives in Pittsburgh, PA, without a dog. He writes novels, short stories, grocery lists, and love letters to lasagna bakers. He also produces free audiobooks of public domain works on his YouTube channel. You can subscribe to that here: