It must be hard to be a bug. People wanting to step on you, no one finding you cute, and all that. I mean, kittens and puppies get all the human-love. Bugs don’t really get any, actually. Maybe fish, at little bit, but bugs never, pretty much. Bugs just tend to get squished or otherwise ignored.

What if you were a bug? What would that be like? How would it feel?

It should be noted that a “bug-out bag” has nothing to do with bugs. Similarly, having “bug-eyes” is just a reference to the way some eyes of bugs look when applied to human features. Having “bug-eyes” does not mean that you see in the same way that bugs see things. “Bugging” people just means you are annoying someone and does not mean that you are becoming a bug in their presence. Also, placing a “bug” somewhere, like clandestine operatives do, does not mean you are taking a type of animal-bug and placing it somewhere. It typically means you are secretly placing some kind of electronic listening device somewhere, usually for clandestine, spy-y purposes. This is all said for the sake of clarity.

Here is the most famous story about turning into a bug, told in 3 audiobook parts, narrated by me:


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