Why is it that I looooove Edgar Allan Poe so much? Is it that he’s dark and I am starting to be of that age when the issues of human darkness (how to deal with impending death, the seeming futility of love, the apparent lack of human connectivity in society, dead birds on the side of the road) start to become more and more important? I think there may be something there. It’s kind of hard to tell, sometimes, why a reader connects with a certain writer at a certain point in her/his life. But I think there is something to the connection of the subject matter, or themes, in the work resonating with you at a precise moment in time that makes a real and everlasting impact. That being the case with me and Mr. Poe, I do try to put those feelings into my performances of his works. Whether that attempt is successful varies, probably, from listener to listener. Here is the latest attempt, “Ulalume.”

Posted by Frank Marcopolos

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