In THE END OF THE TOUR, I thought Jesse Eisenberg did an admirable job of not being afraid to have the character of David Lipsky come off as a slimy weasel. When you watch Lipsky on YouTube or read interviews of him, that’s what it seems he is—a slimy weasel. And since it is his source material from which this movie comes, you would think there would be a temptation for Eisenberg to play him more generously, which is to say less truthfully. But he doesn’t, and that’s a credit to him as a creative person/actor.

Jason Segel I thought was excellent as DFW. I agree with most of the reviews I’ve seen/read. He really nailed this part, which with less diligence could have come off like Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs, which was vomit-inducingly bad.

The impact of the film for me hit late. But that was not the fault of the film. My familiarity with the Lipsky book made me anticipate lines and scenes as they were happening in the first 2/3rds of the film. But I think once Wallace kind of takes down the wall of protection around him, the film really hits its stride. Overall, a wonderful film. See it twice.

Posted by Frank Marcopolos

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