At a Whole Foods at the Domain in Austin, Texas, the Austin Writing Workshop breaks down “The Apologizer” by recluse and literary genius Milan Kundera and two chapters of Zeus’s work-in-progress novel while drinking beer and chugging 5-Hour Energies.

More details as follows:

1) Zeus’s introduction to the podcast

2) Group discussion of “The Apologizer” by Milan Kundera, including the thematic structure, unreliability of human memory, understanding reality, the talking picture, questioning everything you just read, Silo Apparent, plot summary, Eve from the Garden of Eden, apologizing and not knowing, not having a navel, the beginning, style, insights into sexuality, pre-pubescent boy, bad style, being amateurish with philosophical, talkiness, everything being fake, surrealism, understanding the character motivations, style issues, bad Kerouac, believing the storyline, title guesses, symbolism, heavy-handedness, short girls, fixation on navels, female sexuality, Schroedinger’s cat, picture of mom on the wall, the father and mommy issues, connecting the dots, Hindu culture, Kali the Destroyer, connection to mom, plot and/or theme, Confederacy of Dunces, trite, moral agency, feeling guilty, having a narrator that you buy into, the danger of philosophy in stories, Ernest Hemingway, existentialism, phenomenalogicalism, Ayn Rand, story not being Kundera, Mary Gaitskill, translation, Henry Miller, Joyce Carol Oates, Jack Kerouac, Kundera when he was 13, Kundera when he was 80, Kundera not caring about his writing anymore, the New Yorker, French and Czech, and trilingualism.

3) Zeus’s setting of the context of the critique of the member-submitted story.

4) Group discussion of Chapters 5 and 6 of THE CROSS IN THE BALLPARK by Frank “Zeus” Marcopolos, including the over-use of the word “weird,” college guys talking, too much realism, Budski using Spanish, Perez Hilton, Paris Hilton, thumb-writing, plot summary, nit-picking, dialogue and realism, tape recorder, character spotlights, the concept of a foil, altruism, getting rid of unncessary things, readability, getting better at cleaning up the story, a progression, earlier drafts, and all stories being about a kind of death.

5) Zeus’s outtro and farewell.

Here’s something unrelated, but funnish anyway. A remix I did of “The Hollow Men” by T.S. Eliot, clips from the movie “Apocalypse Now,” and “The End” by the Doors. Lemme know whatchou think!

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