Key Quotes from the Game and Post-Game:

Matt Gilliland: Jeff Riggenbach is the voice of my interior monologue.

Frank Marcopolos: I don’t have any kids, but each one of these stories should be considered a child of mine.

Mike Reid: Does ANYone live within 1,000 miles of me?

Jeff Riggenbach: I’m older than dirt.

Tracy Lawson: This vanilla vodka is medicinal.

Meg Gilliland: Uber failed me.

Mike Reid: Don’t worry, Tracy and I will shut you down.

Mike Reid: Frank, you should do all your readings with people shouting “Drink!” every time you read a color.

Tracy Lawson: Don’t do drinking/reading events if you write children’s books.

John Hunt: I think I recognize those shelves from an adult bookstore I once visited for research.

Mike Reid: I alternate voices for my interior monologue.

31:10…31:24 Awkward silence.

Frank Marcopolos: You know a man takes his drinking seriously when he has to go OFF CAMERA to get more.

Richard Masta: Jeff Riggenbach had to pull the right book from his shelves to open the wall where he keeps all his liquor.

Jeff Riggenbach: I’m pantsless.

Matt Gilliland: In over 40 LIVE events, you’ve never seen what pants I am or am not wearing.

Tracy Lawson: You just have to look good from the snappy scarf on up.

Tracy Lawson: 4 or 5 shots is the key to success. Apparently.

Jeff Riggenbach: The State of Texas has elected to protect me from smoking certain things. But drinking is almost always possible.

Frank Marcopolos: Jesus did turn water into wine. Allegedly.

Frank Marcopolos: Gin is the sneakiest of alcohols.

Jeff Riggenbach: Beer is definitely better, because you get modified more slowly.

Matt Gilliland: People tell me when I drink that I just get “More Matt.”

Mike Reid: Matt, it sounds like you’re just a really advanced butler.

Tracy Lawson: The Amazon Drones are actually “Skeet Shooting with Prizes.”

Frank Marcopolos: We had no idea this room was going to become an incubator for the next Generation of entrepreneurial ideas.

Mike Reid: We’re all gonna be rich!

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