Back in the day, nobody knew nothin’. This can be proven empirically, but rather than giving myself a headache, let’s just go ahead and assume this is true. Or perhaps more accurately: very, very few people were wise because access to information was extremely limited.

Well, time does this thing where it never stops, and in this never-ending flow of the illusion we call TIME a thing called progress tends to occur. In this thing we call progress through the flow of the thing we call time, we have gotten to a point now where the reverse is true. We are currently overloaded with information! It’s gotten to the point now where it’s difficult to figure out what information is true and useful and what information is silly garbage, and should be laughed at until one’s sides split wide open and bleed. Like Marxism, por ejemplo.

So, what’s a cool wisdom-hungry cat such as yourself to do in these modern, info-plus-plus times?

As always, I have an answer: The Guru-Filter!

What you need to do is to get yourself a handful of guru-filters. These are people who’ve done the hard work of sorting through TONS of information, and come up with the best ways to apply the useful stuff, and found the reasons to discard the crap. They usually have a book or five to sell you, but even in these info-rich times, it’s still hard to find a truly free lunch.

Some examples? Sure, we gots ’em…

For all things health and bio-hacking: Tim Ferriss.

For all things jobs/interviewing: Ramit Sethi.

For all things psychology: Dr. Paul Dobransky.

For all things personal finance: Dave Ramsey.

For all things Bitcoin: Andreas Antonopoulos.

For all things self-help and empowerment: Tony Robbins.

For all things historical: Dan Carlin.

For all things self-publishing: Joe Konrath.

And so on. These are obviously MY subjective faves, as I’ve curated them through MY own bullshit filter. Your bullshit filter may not be as excellent as mine is. (Growing up with world-class liars as parents will do that for ya.) In any event, who are your guru-filters? Any other examples for other life endeavors?

Posted by Frank Marcopolos

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