Live recording of the Austin Writing Workshop held on June 6, 2014. Topics debated include “Fireworks” by Richard Ford, Raymond Carver stories, postmodern literary fiction, impotent narrators, “The Sportswriter,” the Fourth of July as a paradoxical holiday, the BBC series “Sherlock,” and a draft of a Frank Marcopolos short story tentatively entitled “Storytime.” We apologize for the air conditioning in the background. And the dogs.
Here are the exact (kinda) timestamps for this episode:

0:00 Frank’s Introduction
1:48 Beginning Analysis of Richard Ford’s “Fireworks”
3:50 Female #1 – Analysis of “Fireworks” – Well Crafted
5:00 Female #2 – Analysis – Confusing and Fizzled
9:40 Comparison to “The Sportswriter”
10:30 Discussion of Thematic Structure – Modern – Postmodern Story
11:03 Comparison to “Rock Springs”
13:40 Frank’s Opinion of the Story and How It Changed
15:00 Story Length
15:35 Michael’s Comments – Compares to “Rock Springs” & “The Sportswriter”
16:55 Effect the Story Had At the Time It Was Released
17:33 Discussion of Literary Value And Technique Versus Entertainment
21:35 Comparison of “Fireworks” with the tension in “Rock Springs”
23:47 Discuss of Resonance & Existentialism
32:13 Frank Marcopolos’s story, “Storytime” – First Analysis- “Social Object” concept discussed
35:33 Shift – Same Person?
30:30 Second Analysis of “Storytime” – Michael
40:32 Element Descriptors
41:55 Wikipedia – Too Much Space Used?
42:15 Lists Use Other Lists in Frank’s Previous Work
43:40 Give Specifics for Creditability of Character
44:23 Other Heavy Hitters – Vague
46:10 Post-Modern Misspelling Names Effective?
47:30 Difficult Plot
49:42 Use of All Caps instead of Italics
54:45 Storyline In Reverse (What, Where, and When)
51:12 Jim’s Analysis
52:14 Vernacularizing, Capitalizing
53:10 Pacing (read “Balance”) Seems Off
53:50 Risky Nature of Using Too Many Postmodern Techniques in 1 Story
56:36 Strongest Parts of “Storytime,” Its Potential, and the Challenges of How to
Make it Better
57:38 Discussion About BBC’s “Sherlock” & Why It Was Picked for Discussion
1:00:16 Detail of Writing 9 Episodes – Linear Design
1:01:24 Blogs & Websites
1:01:44 Origination Of Stories
1:03:00 Casting
1:04:41 Ending of Episode Six and the Worldwide Hysteria it Caused
1:06:45 Believable Explanation In Seven, Eight, & Nine

Posted by Frank Marcopolos

Frank Marcopolos founded "The Whirligig" literary magazine in 1999, which has been called "a landmark, demonstrating the power of the literary underground." It has been said that "you get this true lion-roaring sense that Editor Frank Marcopolos knows what he likes, and how to read, and how to publish, and he has guts, and eats insects on Wheaties with bleach." His long-form fiction has been reviewed with such praise as "thorough-goingly entertaining" and "highly readable...recalls the style of Michael Chabon or John Irving. A literary gem that should not be missed." A broadcasting-school graduate, his unique literary-audio work has been featured in movie trailers, scholastic environments, and on YouTube, with one of his audiobooks achieving over 100,000 "views" there.