Alex Rodriguez. Juiced. Jerk. Good riddance.

Alex Rodriguez. Juiced. Jerk. Good riddance.

A-Rod found guilty! 162-game suspension! An entire career built on ‘roidy fraud! And Frank discusses how this illuminates some of the deepest philosophical concepts of our time. (No, it isn’t a stretch.) Also discussed are “Nirvana” by Pulitzer Prize winner Adam Johnson, and Frank’s novel about fraternal competition, “Almost Home,” available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Relevant links and show notes:

A-Fraud ‘Roids His Way to Biggest Suspension Ever
“Nirvana” by Adam Johnson
“The Many Lives [and Lies?] of Alex Rodriguez” by Selena Roberts
“Juiced” by Jose Canseco
“Find the Bad Guy” by Jeffrey Eugenides


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  1. A-Rod was an illusion, holographic Tupac was an illusion, what else is an illusion?

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