This is Scott Turow. He doesn’t give a shit about you.

“Wait. You’re doing WHAT?” she said. “I’m writing a fairy tale… of OUR relationship,” I said. She said…

Plus, news about the latest lawsuit filed by Big Publishing Luddites, the Authors Guild, this time against Google Books, and the launch of the super-awesome Tim Ferriss Book Club! It’s a laughfest, a crybonanza, and chock full (as always) of literary fiction techniques and philosophy gleaned from the meetup.com-organized “Real Writers Critique Group” in sunny Austin, Texas. (New members always welcome — if you can handle honest criticism!)

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Relevant show notes and linkages:

The Authors Guild
The Authors Guild’s Beef Against Amazon.com
The Authors Guild Loses Latest Lawsuit Against a Tech-Giant, This Time vs. Google
The Authors Guild on Why Everyone Should be Afraid–Very Afraid!!!–of Amazon.com
The Tim Ferriss Book Club Launches! (Pure Awesomesauce.)
Richard Ford
Nick Mamatas – Love is the LAW
Staying in “Writing Shape”
The Brain and Its Tricky Tricks
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Long Island Railroad
Jim Carey
Charlie Kaufman
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

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  1. “My father was very haunted by those factions on this planet that try to manipulate humanity.”

    “Even [Stanley Kubrick] was subject to a lot of pressure to NOT make the films he made.” ~ Vivian Kubrick, daughter of Stanley Kubrick


    The question is…who were these “factions” and why were they pressuring one of the greatest filmmakers of all time NOT to make films that went on to be very successful, both artistically and commercially?

  2. frankmarcopolos Please share this when it breaks. I’m intrigued.

  3. frankmarcopolos socalag03 Interestingly enough, there should be some breaking Kubrick news tomorrow.

  4. socalag03I haven’t, but I read a little bit about it, and anything that takes a closer look at Stanley Kubrick’s work is cool with me. I’ll watch it maybe later today.
    Of course, it’s well known that <a href=”http://www.trivisonno.com/kubrick-illuminati”>Kubrick was an Illuminati pawn.</a>

  5. I just watched Room 237. I laughed. I chortled. I looked away during some parts. But have you seen it? It’s nothing if not 100 minutes of examining how details can make a story. I’d say 80% of the analysis was complete nonsense. It’s that other 20%, though, that makes you go, “hmm…” And as we’ve discussed before, when you finish engaging with a creative work and it then makes you want to create, that’s a powerful work. That was the case here. It made want to review my stories to find ways to add (or remove) details to make the work stronger.

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