J.D. Salinger and the 4 Musketeers

J.D. Salinger and the 4 Musketeers

In episode 34 of Saturday Show Podcast, Frank discusses El Jefe Obama’s decision not to bomb the hell out of Syria (yet), several different charities to support if you’re concerned about humanitarian aid, the HOT news about J.D. Salinger’s plan to publish new material posthumously, and literary fiction techniques gleaned from the REAL Writers’ Group in Austin, Texas, focusing on “Sweethearts” by Richard Ford, the movie “The Professional” starring a young Natalie Portman, and a pornographic member story. Fun!

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Show notes and other links of note from this episode:

Mark Twain on the Spanish-American War
List of American Lies
The Real Writers Group on Meetup.com
J.D. Salinger
New Salinger Biography
Dandy Lion Studio – Awesome Web Design


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Posted by Frank Marcopolos

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  1. SherryThompson 2 September 2013 at 14:38

    Isn’t that the truth…I choose love. It’s amazing how we are taught to be number one and to defeat others instead of uplifting them…how we are shown to keep things for ourselves when there is plenty of everything to go around. I believe that the whole reason we are here is to help each other realize that we are all one…from the same whole and the struggling we have along the way and how others help us and we help them in return is our purpose….to love. Thanks for the link, the info and in general for getting it. It’s refreshing …

  2. SherryThompson They’re all in the show notes, but here they are again:
    One of the cool things about Kiva is that they research all of the potential recipients to make sure their situation fits with the agreement they have with all the donors. That is, that their country is stable enough to support growing businesses, and that their personal situation is real and not a scam. The other awesome thing is that when the loan gets repaid, it goes into your Kiva account and then you can choose to re-lend it out to another business. So that $25 can really do a ton of good. 
    We really can change the world into an amazingly awesome place if we just choose to focus our attention in the right places. As Bill Hicks says, “It’s only a choice… between fear and love.”

  3. SherryThompson 2 September 2013 at 09:39

    Can you pop up that link on donating $$ to get business going in financially struggling countries that you mentioned? Love that concept of helping someone help themselves as opposed to a one time gift that will have fleeting results.

  4. SherryThompson It’s amazing how much good a micro-loan can do in the world, as opposed to bombing people. Loans Not Drones!!!

  5. SherryThompson 1 September 2013 at 21:41

    I like your commentary on humanitarian support vs bombing. I do believe we are all responsible for each other but don’t think another war of this nature ( even assuming all the allegations and assertions are true) is the right move either. I am gals we are taking a pause before action. I am looking forward to the JDS movie and to any forthcoming writings. I am sure that the timing of these writings being leaked along with the movie is by design but that does not make it less exciting…goody goodness.

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