Elance.com is dead. Good riddance.

Elance.com is dead. Good riddance.

In episode 31 of Saturday Show Podcast, Frank discusses the untimely demise of elance.com as a viable marketplace to find freelance workers of all kinds. Frank presents a clear and concise argument which leads one to conclude that this company will be bankrupt within 5 years time. Also, Frank discusses the clever discursiveness of Vladimir Nabokov and a 5-word sentence that says it all. Plus, literary fiction techniques galore!

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Subtitle: The Austin Writing Group #18. Show Notes:

Vladimir Nabokov
The Talkative Corpse by Ann Sterzinger

The group assigned the short story “Symbols and Signs” by Vlady Nabokov [The New Yorker, 1948] a quality value of 6.5 out of 10 on the “Marco Scale.”


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  1. This might be the strongest episode yet. Nice job! I like where you’re headed.

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