This podcast is an intellectual revolution. No, really.

This podcast is an intellectual revolution. No, really.

In this episode of Saturday Show Podcast, we discuss the supreme importance of having a reading chair, the need for raising awareness about putting an END to the horrible practice of creating “honk signs,” and other important societal matters. The show goes on the road to broadcast LIVE! (to tape) from Baker Street Pub on South Lamar in Austin, where we talk to random bar patrons about literature and conduct a deep conversation about literature and film while bar patrons near us talk about Bruno Mars and Beyonce. Featuring Austin scribe Michael Ward of Listen in!

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Show Notes:

#Austin Writer Michael Ward
Donald Miller
Raymond Carver
Richard Ford
Hemingway’s Short Stories
Rick Bass
Ann Sterzinger
Amanda Billyrock
“The Mappist” by Barry Lopez
KWML – Your Guide to the 4 Basic Temperaments of We, the Humans
Significant Otters
Steven Spielberg Predicts Implosion of Movie Bidnez


Voice-work provided by the ever-sexy Aussie lass, erotica author Melissa Craig. Music provided by radiotimes via

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