Reading in Chicago at the Cullen Carter Benefit eventIn this episode of Saturday Show Podcast Frank talks to Chicago author Ann Sterzinger. Ann’s latest novel is entitled THE TALKATIVE CORPSE, and is available as an e-book from WARNING: Much hilarity ensues during this interview, so if you are a dour person who hates to laugh, please do not listen.

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Saturday Show #29 (Interview with Ann Sterzinger) Show Notes and Relevant Links:

[the big click]. On first glance, I love the feel of the artwork on the site.
The Talkative Corpse
The Wheel of Time
Louis CK
James Joyce and Ernest Hemingway – “Deal with him, Hemingway!”
Introverts and Extroverts
Andy Nowicki
Nine-Banded Books – Nusquam by Ann Sterzinger
Midriff-Baring Drone Cloaks
Bacon-Flavored Vodka
Space March

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  1. i thoroughly enjoyed listening to this interview & listening to her voice and laughter.

  2. Yes I will. Yes, I will indeed.

  3. First off, Ann is hilarious. Her impression of you pre- and post-writing group is golden.

    Second, did I get called out not once but twice? Sheesh. Where do I apply for this co-host gig anyway? I was hoping the salary would start in the low 40s. But I could do mid-30s with options.

    1. Hey Mike. Don’t worry. My people will do lunch with your people.

  4. Great interview, I’m about a third of the way through NVSQVAM. So far I love it, and will leave a review on Amazon when I’m finished. Ann is every bit the delicate flower I imagined her to be.

    1. Thanks, Rod. I’m sure Ann will appreciate you taking the time to post a review on Amazon. Awesomesauce.

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