Saturday Show #24, The Austin Writing Group #13. Relevant Links and Show Notes:

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Things you can buy with your dollars:

Rock Springs by Richard Ford
Man on the Moon by Milos Forman
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
Beyond Good and Evil by Nietzsche
The Complete Stories Bernard Malamud
Isis and Osiris by Plutarch

Topics dujour:

~ Creating a bond with your audience
~ Using tricks to create a “likeable” main character
~ Ayn Rand – Is there such a thing as true altruism?
~ The problems of ambiguity
~ The greatness of ambiguity
~ Surface theme vs. deeper theme
~ Emotional POP at the right time in the story
~ Is all art really a subconscious manifestation of something larger?
~ Real vs. Fake
~ Who is the REAL you? Are you your name, or is your name you?
~ Existence precedes essence
~ The vital importance of the Isis-Osiris myth
~ Dirty realism
~ Learning to be subtle, but not too subtle
~ “A reader should FEEL the theme of a story, not KNOW it consciously”
~ A reader can come up with their own theme(s), regardless of writer intent

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