The swashbuckling techniques of the modern literary fictioneer. With jokes. Saturday Show #17-The Austin Writing Group, Episode 6. Some of the topics discussed:

– The relative weight of scenes vs. “pacing” and different terminology used by different schools of writing.
– Depth of theme, setting, and characters in the movie “Lost in Translation,” written and directed by Sofia Coppola.

– The shift in American culture away from moralizing and into objectivism, in historical research AND literary fiction. The impact of this shift on society.

Posted by Frank Marcopolos

Frank Marcopolos lives in Pittsburgh, PA, without a dog. He writes novels, short stories, grocery lists, and love letters to lasagna bakers. He also produces free audiobooks of public domain works on his YouTube channel. You can subscribe to that here:


  1. I’ve noticed in the last few years that the books I admire and enjoy the most are marvels of pacing. I hadn’t thought of story-boarding. I will be looking for your next novel and a first chapter!

    1. Frank Marcopolos 16 May 2013 at 16:16

      Thanks, Kathleen. Be warned: I work SLOWly, for whatever reason. But yeah, pacing is very important. Too fast and the reader is breathless, too slow and s/he is bored. Hitting it just right keeps them pages turnin’!

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