AHCover071412As part of a clever, clever marketing ploy to tease you into wanting to buy ALMOST HOME, I’ve provided an audio version of the first chapter above. I am so dang clever it hurts. It hurts every part of my body. TMI, I know.


What’s the theme of ALMOST HOME? Why should I care about it?

ALMOST HOME does an audacious thing. It takes you on a thrill-ride of a story in order to highjack your emotions. It does this so that you may feel like the main character, may go on this thrill-ride with/as him. And the goal is that by the end of the story you’ve come to realize (through the vicarious adventure) something new, exciting, and life-changing.

Well, I told you it was audacious. And whether or not the novel meets this ambitious, audacious goal is entirely up to you.

Posted by Frank Marcopolos

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