WINTER: Notes from Montana

Winter: Notes from Montana by Rick Bass

This meditation on the country life, the hard life, the no electricity, stringing together fences, snow-burial life, took a while to grab me. But eventually, it did.

The basic premise is pure hipster-doofus, and that’s probably what threw me at first. A writer and his artist-girlfriend traipse around the country looking for a place to rent in the woods where they can write and draw and be “rugged” for a while. Meh.

But I kept reading. I kept reading.

As the pages progressed, Mr. Bass revealed himself–surprise, surprise–to be much more, to have much more HEART, than the typical hipster-doofuses dotting the literary landscape these days.

What is revealed–slowly, patiently, log-cuttingly–is a man’s struggle against and finally relenting to the metamorphosis into a slower, more mature, more reliable human being. Also revealed along the way is a glimpse into a world very few of us REALLY know, one where not having an ax in your truck can be a fatal mistake. It’s a Rugged Individualist’s wet dream, and a city boy’s nightmare, but it is a fun ride all the way.

The narrative is told with a kind of pendulum rhythm that eventually draws the reader in. I do believe you’ll enjoy it.

From Amazon: WINTER: NOTES FROM MONTANA by Rick Bass

“Perhaps all the snow in the world will fall, burying everything, such silence, and then I will come out of it in the spring, different, cleaner, not born again so much as built up. I’ll laugh at more things, and not get so angry at decadence, at laziness, at deceipt and the theft of time, the theft of truth, starting with the President and going all the way down to the grocery store.” (p. 103)

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