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Posted by Frank Marcopolos

Frank Marcopolos lives in Pittsburgh, PA, without a dog. He writes novels, short stories, grocery lists, and love letters to lasagna bakers. He also produces free audiobooks of public domain works on his YouTube channel. You can subscribe to that here:


  1. Hi Frank: We are new to follow one another on Twitter. I like your blog very much. Very cleaver and unique. I love the cover of your novel. Maybe I should have you design mine.  Yes, we do fall in love with the charcters in our novels. One of the characters in mine is supposed to be me. Of course, I made her sound pretty & irresistable, because we can do that –only in books. Ha! Hope to read your novel soon. My kindle is full right now and only read at night, after editing my novel. But I really do want to & won’t forget — have a giant star next to your blog on a list. ~Rebecca Scaraberry~  Scarberryfields

    1. Hey Rebecca, Thanks for the comments on the blog, and the cover. I shot and designed the cover myself, so I’m forever wondering whether it looks professional enough. So, I appreciate your positive feedback. If enough people like it (and buy the book), maybe I CAN do some covers for other people. But I don’t know–writing, editing, publishing, and the full-time job keep me pretty busy!

      I was actually kind of surprised by how sad I felt when Almost Home was done. I had not expected to become so emotionally attached to the characters in the way that I did. Pretty powerful stuff.

      3 cheers for Giant Stars!

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