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Books. I’ve been a pretty hardcore book nerd ever since my mom took me to the Flatbush Avenue branch of the New York Public Library during a campaign somebody was putting on called “Reading is FUN-damental.” That’s when I got hooked on reading, age 6 or so, lost in a library, surrounded by words. And I haven’t ever really gotten rid of the “book bug,” either. These days, I’m an author, podcaster, audiobook narrator, and Learning Ally volunteer living in Pittsburgh, PA without a pet. “Read as much as possible, even while on the toilet.” That’s my motto.

My writing heroes are:

  • Alice Munro
  • J.D. Salinger
  • Douglas Adams
  • David Foster Wallace
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Lorrie Moore
  • Margaret Atwood
  • Zadie Smith
  • George Saunders

Here’s my Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Stop by somewhere and say hello!

If you’d like to support my writing and caffeine addictions, please sign up to be a patron of the arts here: https://patreon.com/frankmarcopolos

I am a member of the Writers League of Texas, Short Fiction Writers Guild, the Association of Independent Authors, and the Independent Book Publishers of America.

Press Kit

Here’s some press stuff from around the Interwebs and whatnot…

Author Spotlight on Choosy Bookworm, 12/10/17

Interview with ItsWriteNow.com, 11/24/17

They spelled my name right!

The lovely Lauren Lyster (@laurenlyster on Twitter, a.k.a. LLCoolMoney) mentions me on her (former) TV Show, “Capital Account”…

(Fast forward to the 24:11 mark for where I am mentioned. Even though she mispronounced my name, it was great to see her say “Awesomesauce!” hahaha.)


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    How wonderful that you’re keeping the tradition of oral story telling alive. I wonder if you’ve heard of Tanya Batt? She’s a New Zealander whose passionate about storytelling too and also very good at it.

    Keep spinning those yarns:)

    1. Avatar
      frankmarcopolos 26 October 2009 at 11:08

      Hey Annabel, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I love doing it, so I hope folks get something out of my performances.

      I have not heard of Ms. Batt, but I will certainly check her out.

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    Still looking for a designer?

    1. Avatar
      frankmarcopolos 23 September 2009 at 13:59

      Hi Aja, Nope. The project (this website’s header logo) is complete. Thanks for checking in, though.

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    Your site looks great, Frank, and you read and perform beautifully, as always.

    1. Avatar
      frankmarcopolos 10 August 2009 at 07:22

      Thanks, Donna. Glad you like.

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    Great to visit online. Thanks for stopping by. So, you’re reading Tell-Tale Heart, huh? .. Never disappoints. My Hubby was also in the Army way back when and loved his jumping-out-of-airplane days!

    1. Avatar
      frankmarcopolos 26 June 2009 at 13:49

      Hi Bonnie, Thanks for visiting. Yes, The Tell-Tale Heart. It’s awesome. I’ll be performing it soon and posting it here after the second part of “The Hortlak.” Should be fun. I think it may actually be a perfect story to adapt into the podcasting format, because of the importance of “hearing” to the tale.

      Yeah, the Airborne thing is definitely a trip. And you can get some great stories out of it! πŸ™‚

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    Hey Frank,

    My last beta was an attack fish. His name was Max.
    Mad Max.
    He would literally jump at anything hovering over his bowl.
    He was also a good eater. It’s a strange world when you are actually pleased to have fruit flies hatch somewhere in your house so you can feed them to the little carnivore that you keep in a glass bowl in the kitchen…..

    Ooh, that would make a great SCI FI movie title….the little carnivore in the kitchen…..write me an outline won’t you…I’ll need it by tuesday.
    Karen πŸ™‚
    P.S. nice job hitting just the right tone over being sad about my dead fish….cause there’s really NO WAY TO TELL how serious someone is when they’re typing. There’s the whole no facial expressions to go on thing..
    So kudos to you…but when my Newt died???? The funeral procession was 64 cars long and the wake lasted three days. With a parade, and the mayor showed up to do the eulogy. (I haven’t had much sleep the last few days lol)

    1. Avatar
      frankmarcopolos 21 June 2009 at 21:53

      Wow, and here I was thinking I was the only one with an attack fish. Good to know Fred has an idol he can look up to as he develops in his skills.

      The mayor, huh? Guess that means I’ll have to shoot for the Governor or maybe the Pope for whenever Fred goes to Fish Heaven.

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    Hey Frank,
    Nice to see you today over at my place.
    After five years of watching me do my daily stuff, MY fish died *sigh*. He was a blue beta…..loved him like a fish deserves to be loved…..sadly it just wasn’t enough…sniff. sniff. sniff.

    1. Avatar
      frankmarcopolos 21 June 2009 at 08:56

      Aww, sorry to hear about that, Karen. It can be traumatic. You know, it’s funny how attached you can get to the little guys. I never would have imagined that before I got Fred (whom I’m training to become an Attack Fish, BTW.)

      Thanks for stopping by.



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    Thanks for stopping by my blog Frank. It’s a treat (and VERY rare pleasure) when someone new finds it!

    1. Avatar

      No problem, Dawn Maria. Thanks for stopping by here. Hope you come back soon, and I'll do the same with your blog as well.

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