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Saturday Show #85: Today’s Special by David Sedaris

What can we do with humor in literature? Listen to this episode of Saturday Show as the Austin Writing Workshop discusses the finer points of comedic writing and much, much more. 0:00 Introduction to Podcast 0:39 Reading of “Today’s Special”...

/ 17 January 2015

Saturday Show #64: All That by David Foster Wallace and Annie Hall by Woody Allen

Fans of David Foster Wallace, Dave Eggers, Jonathan Franzen, Kingsley Amis, Haruki Murakami, Alice Munro, Woody Allen, and J.D. Salinger would enjoy this podcast. It is a live recording of the Austin Writing Workshop, held in North Austin on Friday,...

/ 20 July 2014

Saturday Show #61: Fireworks by Richard Ford (Is Discussed)

Live recording of the Austin Writing Workshop held on June 6, 2014. Topics debated include “Fireworks” by Richard Ford, Raymond Carver stories, postmodern literary fiction, impotent narrators, “The Sportswriter,” the Fourth of July as a paradoxical holiday, the BBC series...

/ 8 June 2014

Saturday Show #53: The Country Husband by John Cheever (Or, The Universe Doesn’t Care About Your Nonsense)

Analyzing “The Country Husband” by John Cheever and the documentary “Searching for Sugar Man.” Show Notes: John Cheever Searching for Sugar Man Almost Home

/ 22 March 2014

Saturday Show #51: A Very Short Story by Ernest Hemingway

A podcast with Papa. And other thoughts, theories, things. Show notes/relevant links: In Our Time by Ernest Hemingway Hardcore History – Must-Listen Podcasting The Lost Generation Geniuses Together: American Writers in Paris Teddy Roosevelt – Rough Riders Sexual Sickness Psychology...

/ 1 March 2014

Saturday Show #46: Find the Bad Guy by Jeffrey Eugenides (Or, The End of Men?)

Are we in the American era of the disappearance of men? How does this manifest in literature and the arts? Have men become nothing more than spectators watching other men slap each other on the ass? What can be done...

/ 4 January 2014

Saturday Show #45: The Advantages of the Well-Read Gentleman

@InverseDelirium Thanks, Geoffrey! — Frank Marcopolos (@FrankMarcopolos) December 24, 2013 @FrankMarcopolos LOVE the quote:“It’s not the same. You can’t just tell someone what the meaning of a great book is.Doesn’t work like that.” — Cicily Janus (@jazzwriterchick) December 20, 2013...

/ 14 December 2013

Saturday Show #44: The Ocean Full of Bowling Balls by J.D. Salinger

In this episode of the show, Frank discusses the enigmatic nature of the J.D. Salinger estate. The estate has been silent since the death of the famous author in 2010, even as documentaries come out about him, and some of...

/ 7 December 2013

Saturday Show #40: Men’s Fiction, featuring Tony Clifton

Tony Clifton drops in and out of this podcast, while Frank discusses the vital importance of men reading. 85% of men in prison grew up without a dad. Men who read become leaders and maintain a cohesive family unit, statistically...

/ 26 October 2013

Saturday Show #39: No Caffeine

Frank does the unthinkable for this podcast. He goes for 7 days without any caffeine, and then not only functions, not only attends his normal writing group, but he somehow manages to also speak coherently into the recorder in order...

/ 12 October 2013