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Saturday Show #45: The Advantages of the Well-Read Gentleman

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14th December


@InverseDelirium Thanks, Geoffrey!

— Frank Marcopolos (@FrankMarcopolos) December 24, 2013

@FrankMarcopolos LOVE the quote:“It’s not the same. You can’t just tell someone what the meaning of a great book is.Doesn’t work like that.”

— Cicily Janus … Read More »

The Secret Psychological Structure Behind Interpersonal Interactions

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29th October

There’s a secret structure to human interactions, and if you don’t know what it is, you’re losing.

Even worse, you’re being laughed at behind your back.

“The knowledge of how to build a nest in a bare tree, how to fly to the wintering place, how to perform the mating dance—all of this information is stored in … Read More »

Iron John by the Brothers Grimm

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14th June


As translated by Robert Bly.

Additional, recommended resources for enhanced understanding of this fantastic tale:

Iron John: A Book About Men by Robert Bly

From Wild Man to King by Jim Moyers