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Saturday Show #33: Kindle Worlds

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24th August

rs_560x301-130523114701-1024.KindleWords.mh.052313In episode 33 of Saturday Show Podcast, Frank discusses Kindle Worlds. Is it the latest in silliness or a major event in the world of publishing? Kindle Worlds is a publication submission platform from Amazon.com where you choose a licensed World, read the Content Guidelines for that World, write your story, upload that story, create a cover using free images or your own image, and accept a publishing contract with Amazon Publishing. It’s simple and it’s fast. Every Kindle Worlds story will be featured on Amazon.com and Kindle devices and apps. Kindle Worlds is a creative community where Worlds grow with each new story. It is a place to be creative and to be inspired by other people’s creativity. You can build on any story or idea you find in a World, engage an audience of readers, and earn royalties from every copy sold.

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Saturday Show #14: Kurt Vonnegut and Raymond Carver

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30th March

Writing is cool.

Writing is cool.

Saturday Show Podcast #14 Topics:

– Theme and message in stories, including “The Bath” and “A Small, Good Thing” by Raymond Carver and the movie “Sideways.”
– The evolution of Raymond Carver’s writing style, as evidenced by the differences in the 2 stories mentioned above.
– Vonnegut-esque character descriptions.
– The effect on the reader of imitating Hemingway’s style, to the point of harming your narrative flow and structure.
– The Dirty Realism school of writing.
– The redemption/metamorphasis of the character Miles in “Sideways” and how that contrasts to the lack of change in Jack.