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Saturday Show #54: Seize the Day by Saul Bellow (Or, Holden Caulfield Ages)

5th April

Analyzing the novella “Seize the Day” by Saul Bellow and the philosophical nature of post-modern literary fiction.

Seize the Day by Saul Bellow
Almost Home by Frank Marcopolos
Real Writers’ Workshop Meetup
On the Genealogy of Morals by Friedrich Nietzsche

Saturday Show #53: The Country Husband by John Cheever (Or, The Universe Doesn’t Care About Your Nonsense)

22nd March

Analyzing “The Country Husband” by John Cheever and the documentary “Searching for Sugar Man.”

Show Notes:

John Cheever
Searching for Sugar Man
Almost Home

Saturday Show #52: The Cloak by Isak Dinesen (Secretly Known as Karen Blixen) + A Secret History of the American Crash by Gonzalo Lira

9th March

What is the purpose of a postmodern literary story? How is it different from storytelling styles of the past? And why should you care? Plus, Frank reads an excerpt from “The Cloak” by Isak Dinesen (pen name of Danish author Karen Blixen) and from the new novel “A Secret History of the American Clash” by … Read More »

Saturday Show #51: A Very Short Story by Ernest Hemingway

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1st March

A podcast with Papa. And other thoughts, theories, things.

Show notes/relevant links:

In Our Time by Ernest Hemingway
Hardcore History – Must-Listen Podcasting
The Lost Generation
Geniuses Together: American Writers in Paris
Teddy Roosevelt – Rough Riders
Sexual Sickness
American Psycho

Saturday Show #50: I Could See the Smallest Things by Raymond Carver (Or, The Wed Night Slaughter)

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8th February

We worship at the altar of the slaughter. We bow down and make sacrifice to its Holy Being. We grace ourselves in its glow. Because in the cathedrals of literature, no other Deity can bestow upon you such Grace.


Raymond Clevie Carver, Jr. (May 25, 1938 – August 2, 1988) was an American short story writer … Read More »

Saturday Show #49: Talpa by Juan Rulfo

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1st February

From WikiPedia: “Juan Rulfo (16 May 1917 – 7 January 1986) was a Mexican writer, screenwriter and photographer. One of Latin America’s most esteemed authors, Rulfo’s reputation rests on two slim books, the novel Pedro Páramo (1955), and El Llano en llamas (1953), a collection of short stories. Fifteen of these seventeen short stories have … Read More »

Silent Saturday Show: Mini-Review of “Acrobat” by Gonzalo Lira and Interview with the Author

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25th January

Mini-review of “Acrobat” by Gonzalo Lira:

The contract that Mr. Lira makes with the reader at the start of this novel is this: fasten your seatbelt. He then proceeds to deliver on this contract throughout the narrative. The early relentless action, however, is connected by a plot that is believable, intimate, and yet somehow fantastical. To … Read More »

Saturday Show #48: Eventide by James Purdy (Plus, Holding Amazon Accountable)

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18th January

In this episode of Saturday Show Podcast, Frank explains how to get free stuff from Amazon.com. Then, he relays the lessons learned from the analysis of “Eventide” by James Purdy by the Real Writers Workshop in Austin, Texas.

Show notes:

James Purdy
Almost Home


Music provided by radiotimes, admiralbob77, and lazztunes_07 of ccMixter.org. Liner provided by the lovely and … Read More »

Saturday Show #47: Nirvana by Adam Johnson (Plus, A-Roid Bounced!)

11th January

A-Rod found guilty! 162-game suspension! An entire career built on ‘roidy fraud! And Frank discusses how this illuminates some of the deepest philosophical concepts of our time. (No, it isn’t a stretch.) Also discussed are “Nirvana” by Pulitzer Prize winner Adam Johnson, and Frank’s novel about fraternal competition, “Almost Home,” available on Amazon, Barnes & … Read More »

Saturday Show #46: Find the Bad Guy by Jeffrey Eugenides (Or, The End of Men?)

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4th January

Are we in the American era of the disappearance of men? How does this manifest in literature and the arts? Have men become nothing more than spectators watching other men slap each other on the ass? What can be done about the epidemic of boy-men running around in America? Can men be salvaged? Should they … Read More »