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Saturday Show #96: Coming Sun.Mon.Tues. by Don DeLillo

16th May

Every Friday (more or less) a group of renegade writers gathers in Austin, Texas to drink alcohol, eat gluten-free snacks, and discuss literature, philosophy, and all manner of stimulating ideas. Listen in to the 96th episode of a Texas classic.

Approximate time stamps and discussion topics are provide below.

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Promo Codes to Get CAR CRASH Audiobook for NADA

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9th May

As per usual, ACX gives me these promo codes so you can grab an audiobook for free. These are for A CAR CRASH OF SORTS, so if you’re a cheap bastard and love to get your mitts on cool stuff for no dinero, these are for you. Here are the instructions they tell me to … Read More »

Saturday Show #95: The Pura Principle by Junot Diaz (+ The Philosophy and Rules of Art)

2nd May

Is art completely subjective? Or are there objective rules which need to be observed in order for an artistic project to be successful? This podcast explores. Plus, why Junot Diaz is terrible, considering subjectivity and objectivity as the same thing, and the limits of scientific empirical inquiry. Plus wine and laughs galore!

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Secret Starbucks Confessions #1

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26th April

I have now twice spilled coffee on the front of my shirt. I apparently do not know how these coffee lids with holes in them work. I may need to be retrained in this “drinking” technique. The real problem, of course, is that they didn’t have straws at the self-service island. They have straws in … Read More »

Saturday Show #94: Last Day of the Last Furlough by J.D. Salinger (+ New School Lecture)

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24th April

Technical Sergeant John F. Gladwaller, Jr., ASN 32325200, had on a pair of gray-flannel slacks, a white shirt with the collar open, Argyle socks, brown brogues and a dark brown hat with a black band. He had his feet up on his desk, a pack of cigarettes within reach, and any minute his mother was … Read More »

Saturday Show #92: The Laughing Man by J.D. Salinger

11th April

The Austin Writing Workshop returns from hiatus to discuss a piece of micro-fiction and then “The Laughing Man” by J.D. Salinger. Buy Nine Stories here. Click here to read what Goodreads readers have to say about the story (and compare/contrast with the AWW! For funsies!)

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Infinite Ending Sample #2: Load-Out by Frank Marcopolos

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4th April

This is one of the ten stories collected in INFINITE ENDING. Click here to purchase.

“The Load-Out/Stay” by Jackson Browne (video) below:

ALMOST HOME Audiobook Giveaways

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1st April

ACX/Audible.com gives me 25 complimentary download codes for each book I sell through them. So, if you wanted to grab the audiobook version of ALMOST HOME, but were too stingy to fork over the dough, you may use one of these codes (below) to nab it for free. If you do that, I would **beg** … Read More »

Saturday Show #91: Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (+ Lecture on THEME)

28th March

On this episode of the podcast, Professor Jim gives a fascinating lecture on theme. Also, a member-submitted story is discussed. Pull quote: “William Shakespeare’s entire canon is concerned with the pathos of the irretrievability of time.” Discuss.

Listing of topics discussed and approximate time stamps are below:

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Saturday Show #90: The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry

14th March

For this episode, a brief discussion of irony in literature and then a performance of the classic short story, “The Gift of the Magi” by O. Henry, the punster and trick endingster. Enjoy!