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Saturday Show #100: Bohemians by George Saunders

The Austin Writing Workshop met at the Westin at the Domain in Austin, Texas, to discuss literature and philosophy. This is the result. This is the 100th episode of Saturday Show. If you enjoy this podcast, please use the

/ 29 June 2015

The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell and the Theme of Moral Ambiguity

For me, one of the things I like best about Richard Connell’s famous short story, “The Most Dangerous Game,” is its contemplation of moral ambiguity. Here is my performance of the story, if you are not familiar with it: With...

/ 25 May 2015

Saturday Show #92: The Laughing Man by J.D. Salinger

The Austin Writing Workshop returns from hiatus to discuss a piece of micro-fiction and then “The Laughing Man” by J.D. Salinger. Buy Nine Stories here. Click here to read what Goodreads readers have to say about the story (and compare/contrast...

/ 11 April 2015

Saturday Show #79: Peter Elroy: A Documentary by Ian Casey by Elizabeth McCracken

This episode features a group discussion of whether writers should go independent or take the academic route to achieve success; plus, the subjectivity and objectivity of art and life, including how to properly judge works of art via objective rules....

/ 30 November 2014

Saturday Show #76: The Hortlak by Kelly Link (Part 2)

For more from the great Kelly Link, please click here. From Wikipedia: Kelly Link (born 1969) is an American editor and author of short stories.[3] While some of her fiction falls more clearly within genre categories, many of her stories...

/ 1 November 2014

Saturday Show #71: Women by Charles Bukowski (Part 1)

Saturday Show Podcast is a live recording of the Austin Writing Workshop, which is a grad-level fiction writing workshop led by a former professor of literature and philosophy. In this episode, the group examines the issue of autobiography in fiction...

/ 14 September 2014

Saturday Show #70: Mother and I by Dave Eggers

The Austin Writing Workshop is a fiction-writing workshop led by a former literature and philosophy professor. Listen in as the group discusses literary techniques, philosophy, and more on Saturday Show #70. Detailed topics and approximate timestamps are below. 0:00 Excerpt...

/ 7 September 2014

Saturday Show #69: That Bus is Another World by Stephen King

Can Stephen King write anything well besides horror? What lessons can studying the literary techniques used in King’s story, “That Bus is Another World” yield? The Austin Writing Workshop debates and discusses these issues and more, including analysis of a...

/ 31 August 2014
Zadie Smith

Saturday Show #68: Big Week by Zadie Smith

Fans of Zadie Smith, Dave Eggers, David Foster Wallace, Jennifer Egan, and J.D. Salinger would enjoy this podcast. This podcast is a live recording of the Austin Writing Workshop held on August 15, 2014. In it, the group explores the...

/ 17 August 2014

Saturday Show #66: Sex After Not Seeing Each Other for a Few Days by Tao Lin

Fans of Tao Lin, Dave Eggers, David Foster Wallace, Haruki Murakami, Ayn Rand, Immanuel Kant, and Friedrich Nietzsche would enjoy this podcast. It is a live recording of the meetup of the Austin Writing Workshop held on August 1, 2014...

/ 2 August 2014