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Frank Marcopolos lives in Austin, Texas. Hiding from the ever-present Texas sun because of a well-founded fear of skin cancer, he writes short stories and novels that have been praised by some readers, while others have been, like, "Meh." He also produces free audiobooks of public domain works on his YouTube channel. You can subscribe to that here:

This Week in Literary Links #3

Swedish Bestseller Has Last Laugh Seth Godin on Libraries, Literary Agents, and the Future of Publishing Digital Book World Launches Expert Publishing Blog Joe Konrath Believes That Writing Matters (What a Weirdo) Best Female Protagonist? 500 New Fairytales Discovered in...

/ 9 March 2012

This Week in Literary Links #2

Charlotte Bronte’s Lost Short Story to be Published Kindle Owners Lending Library Tops 100,000 Titles E-Books Not Books, Says Brooklyn Bookstore EPUB Gets Straight to the Point In U.K., More E-Books Published Than Hardcovers, for the First Time Happy Birthday,...

/ 2 March 2012

Have You Changed? (A Mini-Rant)

Have you changed? Most people don’t. Most people, if you knew them a decade ago and then left and came back, those people would be exactly the same. It’s weird. I’ve done that, actually, a few times over the past...

/ 1 March 2012

This Week in Literary Links #1

Author Raises $1 Million to Self-Publish Pottermore: What’s Going On? Barnes & Noble 3rd Quarter Results Not Looking Too Hot KDP Select Free Experiment CreateSpace File Uploading Now More Streamlined Kindle for Android, Reading Apps, & Good E-Reader Official Kindle...

/ 24 February 2012

Why I Wrote ALMOST HOME: The Evolution of The Whatever Generation

Under the Brooklyn el, we said we’d keep in touch, my high school buddies and I, but we knew—deep down in the dark recesses of a 1990 Summer night—that that just was not true. We were splitting up and going...

/ 16 September 2011

Almost Home Promo

To enjoy the podcast, click PLAY above, or download the MP3 file by right-clicking, and using Save Link As… To buy the entire novel as an e-book for Kindle ($2.99), click here. To buy the entire novel as an ebook...

/ 21 July 2011