Saturday Show #22, The Austin Writing Group Podcast Episode 11. Relevant Links and Various Show Notes:

Robert Coover
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Pan’s Labyrinth
The Talkative Corpse by Ann K. Sterzinger
Almost Home by Frank Marcopolos
The Domain, ATX


Topics discussed:

~ Flaky girl-texts
~ The Domain, Austin TX
~ Metafiction, Fabulation, and Postmodernism: The Marriage Made in Hell
~ EVERYTHING in a story being subjective, including plot, characters, time, setting
~ Turning traditional storytelling on its head
~ Tight stories told in disjointed narratives
~ “Quenby and Ola, Swede and Carl” as a lesson in subtlety
~ Theme vs. Message
~ The necessity of visceral details
~ Orienting the reader in a world s/he’s not familiar with
~ Army black ops

Posted by Frank Marcopolos

Frank Marcopolos lives in Austin, Texas. Hiding from the ever-present Texas sun because of a well-founded fear of skin cancer, he writes short stories and novels that have been praised by some readers, while others have been, like, "Meh." He also produces free audiobooks of public domain works on his YouTube channel. You can subscribe to that here: