Highlights from Saturday Show Literary Podcast #96

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27th May

Here are some of the highlights from Saturday Show Literary Podcast #96. The full episode can be found right here.

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The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell and the Theme of Moral Ambiguity

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25th May

For me, one of the things I like best about Richard Connell’s famous short story, “The Most Dangerous Game,” is its contemplation of moral ambiguity. Here is my performance of the story, if you are not familiar with it:

With morality, it seems, lines have to be drawn, and determinations made about “right” and “wrong.” But … Read More »

Saturday Show #96: Coming Sun.Mon.Tues. by Don DeLillo (+ Lecture on WHAT IS PHILOSOPHY?)

16th May

Every Friday (more or less) a group of renegade writers gathers in Austin, Texas to drink alcohol, eat gluten-free snacks, and discuss literature, philosophy, and all manner of stimulating ideas. Listen in to the 96th episode of a Texas classic.

Saturday Show Literary Podcast is an MFA program in fiction writing disguised as a podcast. However, … Read More »

Promo Codes to Get CAR CRASH Audiobook for NADA

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9th May

As per usual, ACX gives me these promo codes so you can grab an audiobook for free. These are for A CAR CRASH OF SORTS, so if you’re a cheap bastard and love to get your mitts on cool stuff for no dinero, these are for you. Here are the instructions they tell me to … Read More »

Saturday Show #95: The Pura Principle by Junot Diaz (+ The Philosophy and Rules of Art)

2nd May

Is art completely subjective? Or are there objective rules which need to be observed in order for an artistic project to be successful? This podcast explores. Plus, why Junot Diaz is terrible, considering subjectivity and objectivity as the same thing, and the limits of scientific empirical inquiry. Plus wine and laughs galore!

0:00 Excerpt from the … Read More »