The End of the Tour // David Foster Wallace // Jesse Eisenberg // Jason Segel // Infinite Jest

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1st July

Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip with David Foster Wallace by David Lipsky
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This book is powerful for any Wallace fan simply because of the length of time we’re allowed to spend with the dead genius, listening directly to his words as transcribed from tapes by … Read More »

Saturday Show #100: Bohemians by George Saunders

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29th June

The Austin Writing Workshop met at the Westin at the Domain in Austin, Texas, to discuss literature and philosophy. This is the result. This is the 100th episode of Saturday Show. If you enjoy this podcast, please use the portal on this page to support us and help ensure we can keep producing these … Read More »

Saturday Show #99: The Apologizer by Milan Kundera

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21st June

At a Whole Foods at the Domain in Austin, Texas, the Austin Writing Workshop breaks down “The Apologizer” by recluse and literary genius Milan Kundera and two chapters of Zeus’s work-in-progress novel while drinking beer and chugging 5-Hour Energies.

More details as follows:

1) Zeus’s introduction to the podcast

2) Group discussion of “The Apologizer” by Milan Kundera, … Read More »

Clips from an Aborted Podcast

14th June

These are clips from a podast that was aborted because the ambient noise made listening for long periods of time super-annoying. For short clips, though, it’s okay, and so here are some of the more interesting tidbits we captured on tape. These are from the Austin Writing Workshop, which is a meetup for serious fiction … Read More »

Saturday Show #98: The Fly by Katherine Mansfield

6th June

Listen in as the members of the Austin Writing Workshop debate the literary merits of “The Fly” by Katherine Mansfield. Also, chapters 3 and 4 from Zeus’s new novel, and much less drinking than in previous episodes. Sorry.

0:00 Excerpt from the podcast

0:54 Podcast Introduction by Zeus

3:37 Group discussion of chapters 3 and 4 from Zeus’s … Read More »