Saturday Show #104: Referential by Lorrie Moore

3rd October

Group discussion by the Austin Writing Workshop about the short story “Referential” by Lorrie Moore. You can read the story before listening (and you should) by clicking here. The Austin Writing Workshop is led by a former professor of literature at Texas State University (with an MFA, of course), and a self-published author with a … Read More »

Movie Review: THE END OF THE TOUR with Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg

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16th August



In THE END OF THE TOUR, I thought Jesse Eisenberg did an admirable job of not being afraid to have the character of David Lipsky come off as a slimy weasel. When you watch Lipsky on YouTube or read interviews of him, that’s what it seems he is—a slimy weasel. And since it is his source material from which this movie comes, you would think there would be a temptation for Eisenberg to play him more generously, which is to say less truthfully. But he doesn’t, and that’s a credit to him as a creative person/actor.

Jason Segel I thought was excellent as DFW. I agree with most of the reviews I’ve seen/read. He really nailed this part, which with less diligence could have come off like Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs, which was vomit-inducingly bad.

The impact of the film for me hit late. But that was not the fault of the film. My familiarity with the Lipsky book made me anticipate lines and scenes as they were happening in the first 2/3rds of the film. But I think once Wallace kind of takes down the wall of protection around him, the film really hits its stride. Overall, a wonderful film. See it twice.


Saturday Show #103: How to Talk to Your Mother by Lorrie Moore

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28th July

In this episode of the podcast we discuss “How to Talk to Your Mother (Notes)” by Lorrie Moore, “Fixation of Belief” by philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce, and other high-minded topics because we’re snobs like that.

Text of the Lorrie Moore short story can be found by clicking here:

“Fixation of Belief” by Charles Sanders Peirce … Read More »

Saturday Show #102: Pet Milk by Stuart Dybek

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21st July

Surrounded by pit bulls, rattlesnakes, and mountain lions, the leather-jacketed renegades of the Austin Writing Workshop met to discuss the knife-blade vitality of art, literature, and philosophy, specifically the short story “Pet Milk” by Stuart Dybek and other kinds of narratives and forms.

After teaching for more than 30 years at Western Michigan University, where he … Read More »

Saturday Show #101: How to Write a Treatment (+ Silence of the Lambs)

4th July

What if you had an opportunity to get a treatment in front of actual Hollywood producers and directors, in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a chance to seize everything you ever wanted? Would you capture it? Or let it slip?

The Austin Writing Workshop discusses treatments, to hilarious and endrunkening effect.

There are brief intros and an outtro by … Read More »